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The possibility of spatially selective crystallization of lithium-niobium germanate glasses with compositions (molar content, & # 37;) 25Li 2 O & middot; 30Nb 2 O 5 & middot; 45GeO has been demonstrated 2 and 30Li 2 O & middot; 25Nb 2 O 5 & middot; 45GeO 2 femtosecond laser beam with the formation of birefringent structures containing lithium niobate. A correlation has been established between the orientation of the fast axis of birefringence of crystallized tracks and the plane of polarization of the laser beam.
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Lotarev S. V., Lipateva T.O., Lipatiev A. S., Naumov A. S., Shevyakina D. M., Sigaev V. N. Laser Writing of Crystalline Patterns in Lithium Niobium Germanate Glasses. Steklo i keramika. 2020:93(11):5-7. (in Russ). UDK 666.1:666.266.6