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The effect of Nd 2 O 3 (0.1 - 3.0 & # 37;, molar content) oxide additives on the synthesis conditions, crystallization and spectral properties of heat-resistant sitall of the Li system was studied 2 O & ndash; Al 2 O 3 & ndash; SiO 2 (LAS). Introducing it to 1 & # 37; molar content of Nd 2 O 3 does not affect the crystallization properties and precipitation of the main crystalline phase of & # 946; -eucryptite-like solid solutions Li x Al x Si l & ndash; x O 2 , while an increase in the molar content of Nd 2 O 3 to 3 & # 37; significantly changes the character of crystallization of LAS glass. The results obtained show that an optical sitall with a near-zero LTEC value, activated by neodymium ions up to the N N d 3 + & # 8776; 4 & middot; 10 2 0 cm & ndash; 3 , can be considered as a basis for creating new light-emitting thermostable optical media
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