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Reliable protection of the screens of new generation mobile devices requires the use of transparent materials that are stronger than glass. In this work, the influence of sitallization conditions on the structure and properties of sitall based on the ZnO - MgO - Al 2 O 3 - SiO 2 system is studied and is shown the prospects of its application for these purposes. Optimization of the sitallization mode allows increasing the microhardness of the material to values ??of more than 900 HV while maintaining transparency
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Shakhgildyan G. Yu., Savinkov V. I., Shakhgildyan A. Yu., Alexeev R. O., Naumov A. S., Lopatina E. V., Sigaev V. N. Effect of the Crystallistaion Conditions on the Hardness of the Glass-Ceramics in the ZnO–MgO–Al2O3–SiO2 System. Steklo i keramika. 2020:93(11):24-27. (in Russ). UDK 666.1:666.266.6