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Autors: Matveev V. I.
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  • Pages: 46-51
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The article briefly provides basic information about the 24th International Exhibition “World of Glass” held in Moscow, which was directly attended by about 100 companies from 12 countries. New technologies of production and quality control of glass products, the main structural elements of glass furnaces, methods of their high-quality production were demonstrated. Examples of the most successful enterprises of the glass industry are given.
Vladimir I. Matveev – Candidate of Technical Sciences, JSC Research Institute of In-troscopy MNPO “Spectrum”, Moscow, Russia. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
1. Матвеев В. И., Козлов В. П., Будов В. М., Сескутов Ю. В. Применение радиоволн СВЧ для контроля внутренней структуры огнеупоров // Стекло и керамика. 1970. № 7. С. 11 – 15.[Matveev V. I., Kozlov V. P., Budov V. M., Seskutov Yu. V. Use of UHF radio waves to check the internal structure of refractories // Glass Ceram. 1970. V. 27, No. 7. P. 397 – 401.]
2. Матвеев В. И., Будов В. М. Диэлектрические параметры некоторых огнеупорных материалов в диапазоне сверхвысоких частот // Стекло и керамика. 1972. № 7. С. 8 – 12.[Matveev V. I., Budov V. M. Dielectric parameters of some refractory materials at ultrahigh frequencies // Glass Ceram. 1972. V. 29, No. 7. P. 430 – 433.]
3. Федчишин В. Г., Матвеев В. И. Выявление внутренних дефектов структуры керамических мате-риалов // Стекло и керамика. 1981. № 3. С. 20 – 22.[Fedchishin V. G., Matveev V. I. Effect of internal structural defects of ceramic materials // Glass Ceram. 1981. V. 38, No. 3. P. 140 – 143.]

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DOI: 10.14489/glc.2023.04.pp.046-051
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